What People are Saying About King's Faith

“King's Faith is an incredible story of a young man who experiences God’s redemption and begins to work through the consequences of his past with faith for his future.”
Jim McBride, executive producer, Fireproof and Courageous

“A beautifully made movie that can change lives.”
Sophie McDonald, Real Truth Matters Magazine

"Most of us have a secret list of people who have problems that are too big or too messy to bother with. KING'S FAITH demonstrates what happens when we throw away the list and give a desperately needed second chance. I really enjoyed the movie, and I believe it will have a big impact on teens."
Mike Foster, People of the Second Chance

"Where is God when it hurts? How am I supposed to move on if my past won't let me? Those are questions that KING'S FAITH surfaces and bravely answers through a story that doesn't sugarcoat the trials of faith."
Jenna Lucado Bishop, Author, Redefining Beautiful

"Real life, challenging, poignant, hope-filled, and a strong message of the forgiveness that is ours in Christ—no matter our past or the struggles we are currently facing."
Greg Anderson, Executive Director, Inspiration Point Christian Camp and Retreat Center

"This is a movie I would gladly show to my students and recommend to all my fellow youth pastors."
Chris Pope, YouthWorker.com

"KING'S FAITH is a compelling story of a young man whose past and present collide violently. It is a wonderfully acted, realistic tale about hope, pain, growth and faith."
Gregg Hunter, President/CEO Christian Camp and Conference Association

"My daughter and I really enjoyed the movie and had a fantastic conversation following. How many students and adults feel like their lives are defined by their mistakes … like they are beyond the grace of Jesus? Any book or film that can show the power a new beginning can be an incredible tool for us as leaders."
Lori Wilhite, Leading And Loving It

"KING'S FAITH is a compelling story which features solid acting and a good storyline."
The Dove Foundation

"KING'S FAITH is a very redemptive, uplifting movie extolling the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide.org

"Maybe one out of every 12-15 movies makes this reviewer say, literally, 'We've got to let folks know about this one!' This is the one."
Randall Murphree, American Family Association

"KING'S FAITH portrays both the profound struggles faced by foster youth and the compelling beauty seen when individuals reflect God's deep concern for vulnerable children through tenacious, sacrificial love."
Jedd Medefind, Christian Alliance for Orphans

"KING'S FAITH renews my hope about the difference loving and caring families can make in the lives of youth being served by the public child welfare foster care system."
Sharen Ford, Colorado Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Division

"KING'S FAITH is a great story that will motivate the community to respond to at-risk youth."
Bethany Christian Services

"This is a really well done film featuring award-winning actors and is not cheesy! I think the best faith based film I have seen."
Randy Rainwater, Student Ministry Director, Grace Fellowship Church

"The story delivers a powerful message"
Tim Booher, Children's Pastor, Crossroads Christian Church

"KING'S FAITH shows that the secret pain of abortion, when shared with someone who cares, can change hearts and families forever. Impacted by an abortion choice? Reach out for help, we'll be there!"
Stacy L. Massey, President/Founding Partner, Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.

"What I found was not a Christian movie, but a movie done well."
Paul Turner, The Disciple Project

"This is a movie that takes on the tough choices many kids are facing today, and unapologetically says 'This is going to be hard.'"
Games Friends

"KING'S FAITH is a great movie for teens but anyone would benefit from its message. It was a pleasure to watch, as the cinematography and acting were excellent."
The Deliberate Mom

"KING'S FAITH addresses the theme that many overlook - that even older kids in foster care need love and guidance before they age out of the system."
Mommy Factor

"Filled with life-giving truth and hope for the hardest of hearts, KING'S FAITH was a breath of fresh air in a time where Christian movies are made with good intentions but executed with cheesy story lines and less than desirable acting."
Real Truth Matters

"KING'S FAITH is very thought provoking from beginning to end and makes a great resource for a youth group event or even outreach."
A Proverbs Wife

"This is a very entertaining DVD and full of action. It captured my young adults' attention and they really enjoyed it. A really nice movie to watch with the whole family. I highly recommend King's Faith."
The Life and Times of Wanda

"I definitely recommend King's Faith as a movie to watch with your teenager or for the young adult and above. I had happy tears by the end of the movie for watching all of what Brendan overcame in his life."
A Journey 4 Life

"The acting was fantastic and I loved the characters of Mike and Vanessa. I could definitely feel for them and the grief they were going through—Vanessa especially."
Christian Bookshelf Reviews